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Tattoo Magazine

Article on Curtis Burgess in Tattoo Magazine

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Freshly Inked Magazine

Interview with Curtis Burgess What year did you start tattooing? I started tattooing in 1999. How did you get into tattooing? I always liked creating artwork and had been drawing since I was young. After graduating high school, I was at a loss in what career path to pursue. I was working in the food industry at the time, but…

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Curtis Burgess Graduated in Skulls

By Simone Sacco Years of hard work, great friendships, years of work at Tattoo John’s Tribal Rites (Fort Collins, Colorado) a passion for skulls and for skateboards: Curtis Burgess’ “American Dream” – an artist who tattoos and never forgets the precious “rule of thirds.” Probably this is all there is to it. But it’s still a great dream, and we…

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A Sign of The Times: Body Piercing

  By Julie L. Eckrich Photos by Steve Childers For centuries, cultures in virtually all global areas have practiced the intriguing, yet mysterious ritual of rigorous body adornment. Long before recent generations adopted tattooing and body piercing to attain personal creativity and aesthetic purposes, the Thompson Indians of British Columbia were utilizing threads doused with powdered charcoal, porcupine quills and…

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Body Piercing Becoming a Trend

By Becky Orr Triangle Review Writer When it comes to the practice of body piercing, just about any part of the body – yes, even THAT part – is fair game for a sharp needle and a stainless steel stud. And in Fort Collins, so are noses, navels, nipples, tongues, lower lips and eyebrows. The body piercing trend – fast…

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Coloradoan: In The Eye of The Needle

Decorate yourself: Body jewelry offers piercing look By Chryss Cada “This is going to hurt,” Jaysin Chinnock tells the rapidly paling young woman in his care. As a master piercer, Chinnock wears rubber – not kid – gloves. After all, like the others who will sit in the reclining dentist’s chair in Tribal Rites’ back room, 20-year-old Liz Ellis is…

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Vision Magazine: Piercing Culture

Buckle up Fort Collins, you’re in for a trip. Jaysin Chinnock and Scott Olson are about to poke holes through the conservative blanket that shrouds this town. Tribal Rites, our new (and only) body piercing mart, will open doors to the puncture hungry public at 11 a.m. Tuesday. Generally considered a fad among the rebellious youth of large cities, body…

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