Booking Information


We always try to take walk-ins. The best thing to do is give the shop a call to check availability.


All the artists at Tribal Rites have different booking availability. The best way to go about setting a tattoo appointment is to first decide which artist you are interested in working with. Next, contacting us by telephone is the easiest way to find out when your artist is booking based on the tattoo work you are interested in receiving. Appointments are made in person unless you are from out of town, in which case we can make arrangements over email.


In some cases our artists prefer to book consultations prior to booking a tattoo appointment. Consultations can be scheduled via telephone or in person. Beginning the tattoo process in this manner can ensure that you and your artist are on the same page in terms of design, placement, size, pricing, etc. These appointments typically take 15-30 minutes.


Each artist takes a non-refundable cash deposit for all tattoo appointments. The deposit can range between $40 and $100 depending on the complexity of the piece, and goes towards the final price of the tattoo. You can always reschedule your appointment with 24 hours notice, but since our artists take time to work on your design and set aside time for you, changing your mind or not showing up forfeits the deposit. Deposits are cash only! Please remember to bring cash if you would like to book an appointment. (We do take cards for the actual tattoo however)


Tribal Rites is a full custom tattoo studio and each of our artists have a unique individual style. Because of their busy schedules it’s difficult to have custom artwork available for the client prior to the scheduled appointment. Clients can view their drawing and make any changes they want at their appointment. Rest assured that years of experience have shown us that this is the best method to get the best work from the artist and most satisfaction from the client.